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At Cask N Gate,
we think outside the barrel

About Cask N Gate

We specialize in custom wine/whiskey/rum barrel furniture. Live edge wood table tops, counter tops shelving, benches, and more.
Our designs allow for the optimum in creativity and personality in each piece. Whether you see your conversation piece as strictly a beautiful oak barrel or if you see something with wrought iron and an oak combination, we will do our best to give you something you’ll enjoy for years.
Each of our pieces is a one off that uses 75%  rejuvenated materials. Nothing in our inventory is mass produced.
We offer a 10% discount to veterans and serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces
At Cask N Gate, we think outside the barrel

Who We Are

Al Wesnoski: Manufacturing and Sales
Al is our lead craftsman with 28yrs invested in creating one of a kind furniture concepts. His attention to detail in everything he does provides peace of mind to not only us but to our customers. 
Scott Casey: Operations and Logistics
Scott’s service in the Canadian Armed Forces has provided our company with his ability to organize and maintain  our operations and its logistical challenges.

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